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Take on the role of Queen of Farzin City and light up the city's outskirts to protect it from the creatures that have plagued it for generations. You have to light 10 torches that are randomly created in the scene whenever a new game is started, with each torch that is lit, Farzin's enemies get stronger!

Collect items and special abilities to fight for Farzin.

Search for chests! they have special items, but have the key to open them in hand.

Each enemy has its own role for a common goal between them, kill you!

Fight bosses that appear when you light a torch!

Use the magical elements that interact with each other in a unique way to your advantage.

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 or 32)

PROCESSOR:  A Dual-Core third generation processor or better


GPU: Graphic Card with 512mb VRAM or better

STORAGE: 200mb

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorHugo Laion
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Casual, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Souls-like
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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soo coool/ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito bom

Que bom que gostou kkkkk o Light Keeper 2 está pra sair, fique atento.


Hello, could you bring an Android version?

Also in Portuguese if possible


Estava nos meus planos trazer uma versão para o Android, mas não tive muito interesse da galera ai deixei quieto. Mas penso em fazer isso futuramente.


Lembra desse jogo ? então, vim te avisar que ele teve uma sequência e a versão mobile do Light Keeper 2 está disponível

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Valeu meu mano, vou esperar pelo port desse aqui pra mobile


This in paper is an amazing game, it looks fantastic, sound amazing and the plot is endearing,but somewhere somehow the execution got wonky, specially the combat.

It really surprised me how well done the game is made, you can dash, climb walls, parry and there is a bunch of different enemies/items/equipment, truly a recipe for success if it wasn't for the combat system that is quite unresponsive for fighting a horde of randomly generated enemies and bosses that stun-lock you with 6 different debuffs.

The game is really promising so I hope you can fix this issues by either making enemies spawn on fixed locations and put a limit on them, making them weaker or making a more precise and responsive combat system, you fix that and this is a 10/10 game.

In fact, I didn't have a lot of planning at the time I developed the game. All my friends and people who played the game complained mostly about the part where multiple enemies appear at the same time. But I thought this would be good since I love games with a lot of clutter and visual pollution, but it doesn't seem to work very well in the game.
Thanks for the video and for having seen potential in my game, I will improve the game to fix these negative points.


Hello remember me ? I came to let you know that a few days ago I published the sequel of this game, and in this second game the things are more balanced and the objective of the game is now different! If you want to take a look, this is the link.


Hey, thanks a lot for the head ups! Cant wait to check the game as soon as I have the chance to.

The game seems to be packed with tons of features but they really go to waste if you spawn the player in and then bombard him with enemies instantly.
I'm not even sure whats going on at first glance.
Noone will know your controls and mechanics instantly just beucase you write it down before the game starts, in my opinion you should add a tutorial part where you show the player around so he gets used to the game and slowly increase the difficutly. Otherwise this could be a cool game!

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I got lost and didn't know how to make a good tutorial for the game, it serves as a learning curve for my next projects. thanks for playing!

The game tells me that I can cling to walls and climb up or down, but it does not show me the key binding. How do I cling to a wall?

Just jump by pressing the directional button towards the wall, it will make the character slide under it. It is also possible to jump while sliding.

spanish :(

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Sorry, it's not easy to translate the game into other languages, it was already difficult to use English, imagine Spanish (I'm Brazilian). But I can put Spanish in the next versions <3

Thank you very much, I am also Spanish, although I get used to English a bit, anyway, your game is really amazing, I really liked it.

I say the same is incredible.

I'm glad you liked the game, I'm already working on an update to add more content and solve some balancing issues. Thanks for playing!

Game engine and combat system are great, but the implementation is crippling.  

The game does not pause when you open menus to upgrade stats or read what your items/abilities do.  There are no safe areas, except those achieved via spawn manipulation.  Enemies appear from nowhere in huge hordes constantly all of the time starting from about two seconds after a run starts.

Nevertheless, the way to play the game successfully, presently, is to camp a torch in a corner with a ceiling, thus maximally limiting enemy spawns, and grab whatever items come your way from the trickle of enemies quickly buying up your stats to absurd levels in between waves, then rushing the torches rapidly killing all the bosses in sequence via your absurdly powerful attacks, spells, and items.  That camping and super-cautious play requirement kinda conflicts with the no-holds-barred constant enemy spam insane rush the game seems to otherwise be going for.  But you can't have non-stop brutally difficult combat and require players to try and read what their abilities do and manage an inventory while simultaneously doing that.

What I would recommend is to disable item configuration and stat leveling most of the time (let players still pick up items and spells, and cycle spells the same way they do currently) but give the player periodic rest stops to configure equipment and spells and stat points and what not in.  Perhaps the player can initiate a rest manually at lit torches as long as there's no boss active, or perhaps killing enough enemies in a short enough time could spawn a miniboss which when slain makes the enemies flee to regroup and gives you the rest opportunity, or perhaps you could create makeshift bonfires to keep the enemies away with light temporarily while you rest or something.  In any case, explicitly separating menus and reading from the fast-paced combat would massively improve this game, I think.

Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely make some improvements because the stat shop is broken, after a certain level you don't even get damage from creatures. I'll take this opportunity to add new creatures, bosses, items and maybe a new map. Thanks again for the feedback!